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  • handilok

    Handilok Seals


     One time use tamper evident seals ideal for use where traditional padlocks have been used. Padlock seals are an inexpensive solution for securing many different applications. 


    ·         Easy-to-use padlock seal designed for application with one hand.

    ·         A spring-like arm and plugged barrel provide effective tamper evidence.

    ·         One-piece, easy-break, all-plastic construction.

    ·         Straight, thin locking arrow applies with one hand and fits most latch mechanisms.

    ·         Designed for reliable, cost-effective tamper-evidence and quick access.

    ·         Consecutively numbered. 

  • Handi

    Plastic Padlock Seals


    All-purpose plastic padlock seal with an engineered break point for fast access.


    ·         One-piece, easy-break, all-plastic construction.

    ·         Padlock style locking arrow fits all applications where traditional padlocks are used.

    ·         Engineered to break easily, with one hand.

    ·         Consecutively numbered.

    ·         12 Point break strength.

  • wire padlock

    Wire Padlock Seals


    Easy to apply plastic padlock seal featuring a galvanized wire hasp. Any attempt to tamper with the seal leaves a clearly evident mark, but seal will continue to maintain its integrity.


    ·         Ultra violet stabilized.

    ·         Tamper proof seal.

    ·         Consecutively numbered.